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Our annual budgeting and resource distribution processes have historically been driven by incremental mandatory cost increases and ad hoc spending requests. Consequently, it is difficult to engage in multi-year planning, review financial health, and provide resource transparency. Several budget-related projects are currently underway, including implementing standard reporting and a proposed new resource allocation methodology that, along with a formal budget process, will enable the campus to have a common and consistent understanding of available resources across organizations and functions. A more formal and structured budgeting process will also allow campus leaders and managers to make financial decisions supporting campus values, priorities, and divisional goals.

Initiative Sponsors

This initiative is led by Kimberly Register, Budget Director, and Dard Neuman, Senate Committee on Planning and Budget Chair and Associate Professor and Department Chair of Music.

Formalizing the Campus Budget Process

Budget Analysis and Planning is a strategic and analytical unit responsible for advising and supporting the Chancellor, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and the campus in the areas of academic and institutional resources, financial and budgetary policy and planning, fiscal administration, and information services.

Metric-based Divisional Allocations

AIR is a comprehensive and principled way of allocating academic resources to UCSC’s five disciplinary divisions – Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences – and Undergraduate Education

Curriculum Budget Planning Tool

Many units are involved in the planning, mounting, and scheduling the campus curricula. In support of academic divisions, departments, programs, and the Division of Undergraduate Education (Colleges, Summer Session)

Status Update

The working group has created a charter with a scope and campus timeline.

Last modified: Aug 01, 2023