Cultivating Faculty Diversity

Lori Kletzer posting photo with faculty

In February 2022, Santa Cruz announced plans to hire 100 additional faculty over the next decade. It is the most significant faculty hiring effort the campus has pursued since its founding more than 50 years ago. The hope is that this faculty recruitment effort will include new hires that better reflect the diversity of the campus community and the State of California. 

Over the past ten years, UC Santa Cruz’s Senate faculty has gone from 12.6% to 17% historically under-represented minorities (Latinx, Indigenous, or Black). This progress is the result of intentional efforts that consider contributions to diversity statements and other inclusive hiring practices that have been shown to be effective in producing diverse candidate pools at each stage of the hiring process.

This effort will be amplified as UC Santa Cruz seeks to expand its faculty while prioritizing diversity reflected through research, gender, identity, intersectionality, race, ethnicity, life experience, and more. The goal is to have a faculty that reflects the diversity of the student body and can help further a feeling of belonging among students while pushing forward the frontiers of world-class research.

Last modified: May 04, 2023