Metric-based Divisional Allocations

The new principled, metric-based allocation methodology for academic divisions is a significant step forward in transparently allocating resources to further student success, support faculty and staff, and enable divisions to make reliable projections of future support.

This methodology incorporates three updated models for funding. First, the Instructional Support (IS) allocation provides funds for temporary academic staff, primarily additional instructors, to cover the undergraduate instructional needs of our students that exceed the expected teaching capacity of the Senate faculty. Second, the Teaching Assistant (TA) allocation provides TA-ships for undergraduate instructional support in each division. Finally, the Divisional Funding (DF) allocation provides funds for staffing other than Senate faculty or the staffing covered in the IS and TA allocations, as well as funds for other divisional expenses.

These three allocations work together to address UCSC’s aspirations as a diverse, inclusive and student-centered research university.

Last modified: Jul 18, 2023