Past Award Recipients

Established at UCSC in 2011, the purpose of the Hellman Fellows Program is to support substantially the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research. Click here to find out more about the Hellman Fellows Program.

2023 Recipients

Faculty Name


Project Title

Megan Boudewyn


Neural Stimulation and Attentional Control

Valerie Cortez

Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Probing host-virus interactions at the gut mucosal barrier

Kathleen Gutierrez


Two Projects: 1) Sovereign Vernaculars in the Philippines at the Dawn of New Imperial Botany 2) Sowing Seeds: Filipino American Stories from the Pajaro Valley.

Josephine Pham


The Intellectual Work of K-12 Ethnic Studies Pedagogies in Local Public Schools

Alicia Riley


Consequences of the Mexican Repatriation Program for Child Mortality in the U.S. 

Kate Ringland

Computational Media

Computationally Supported Care in Marginalized Online Communities

Pamela Rodriguez-Montero

Performance, Play & Design

Los Diablitos: The Devil’s Imaginary in Traditional Latin American Festivities

Yuyin Zhou

Computer Science & Engineering

Distributed Machine Learning with Imperfect Supervision and an Application to Large-Scale Medical Imaging

2022 Recipients

Yasmeen Daifallah


Thinking Past Islam and the West: Theorizing Politics in Contemporary Arab Thought

Roberto de Roock


Educational Enclosures and the Digital Divide

Caitlin “Katie” Keliiaa

Feminist Studies

Three related projects

Zehang “Richard” Li


Towards Adaptive Verbal Autopsy Survey Design

Maywa Montenegro

Environmental Studies

Can CRISPR Bring Diversity Back Into Food?

Shaheen Sikander

Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

Elucidating long-term pregnancy induced changes that confer protection against breast cancer

Aiming Yan


Understanding and tailoring magnetism in atomically thin two dimensional materials

2021 Recipients

Filippo Gianferrari


Training the Reader: Dante and the Rise of Vernacular Literacy

Euiseok Kim

Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Molecular Identities and Connectivity of Feedback and Feedforward Circuits in the Mammalian Cortex

Gueyon Kim


Black-White Differences in Intergenerational Occupational Mobility

Jacqueline Kimmey

Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology

Circadian response to Streptococcus pneumoniae infection

Robbie Kubala


Social Aesthetics

Jaimie Morse


Bodies of Evidence: Legibility, Medical Uncertainty, and the Knowledge Problem of ‘Rape Kits’

Juan Pedroza


Safety Net Access for Immigrant Families

Justin Perez

Latin American & Latino Studies

LGBT Health Across the Americas Initiative

Jason Samaha


Neural Correlates of the Subjective Experience of Time

Samuel Severance


Creating Sustainable Buzz for Science Learning: Piloting an Elementary Project-Based Ecology Unit Supporting Native Bee Populations

2020 Recipients

Saskias Casanova


Youth Participatory Action Research, Cultural Knowledge & Resilience for (Im)migrant High School Students

A.M. Drake


Open Source Afro Hair Library

Camilla Hawthorne


A Black Santa Cruz Sense of Place

Timothy Johnstone

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry to Treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Neglected Tropical Disease 

Jennifer Kelly

Feminist Studies

Detours: A Decolonial Guidebook to Palestine

Katy Seto

Environmental Studies

Turning the Tide: Shifting Access, Equity, and Vulnerability in Coastal California

Michael Wehner

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Low cost automation for Endotracheal Intubation

Margaret Zimmer

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Quantification of groundwater recharge in non-perennial rivers

2019 Recipients

Susan Carpenter

Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

Carpenter Lab Research Proposal

Karolina Karlic


Rubberlands: a transmedia art work which visualizes the ways rubber manufacturing is socially, ecologically, and systemically formed

Nidhi Mahajan


Contesting visions of City and Nation: Land and Sovereignty in Coastal Kenya

Adriana Manago


Social Media, Gender and Sexual Identity Development in Adolescence

Sara Niedzwiecki


Immigrants’ Access to Social Protection in Latin America

Savannah Shange


Milked: Poverty, Race and the Politics of Breastfeeding

Amanda Smith


Mapping the Amazon: Literary Geographies after the Rubber Boom

Sergey Syzranov


Conductors insensitive to disorder: insights from high dimensions

Jerry Zee


Algorithmic Necrosis: Machine Learning and Suicide Watch in China and Silicon Valley

Yu Zhang

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Modernizing Power System Planning and Operation to
Improve Grid Resilience Against Hazardous Events

2018 Recipients

Benjamin Breen


Indra’s Net: Technology and Magic in the Early Modern World, 1600-1820

Angela Brooks

Biomolecular Engineering

Novel therapeutic targets in lung cancer from genes with altered mRNA splicing

Muriam Davis


Planning for Eurafrica: Development and Race in Algeria, 1958-1965

Anna Friz

Film & Digital Media

We Build Ruins

David Gordon


Accountability and Global Urban Climate Governance

Michael Hance

Physics; SCIPP

Searching for New Particles and Symmetries at the Large Hadron Collider

Cynthia Ling Lee

Theater Arts

Lost Chinatowns: a multimedia dance-theater work exploring Santa Cruz’s historical Chinatowns

François Monard


Inverse problems, integral geometry and uncertainty quantification

Vicky Oelze


Chimpanzee intoxication and the evolution of termite associated tool use

Yuan Ping

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Theory Design of Charged Defects for Two-dimensional Quantum Technologies

Xi Zhang

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Deep Atmosphere of Jupiter: Insights from the Juno Spacecraft

2017 Recipients

James Ackman

Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Functional Dynamics of Cerebral Lateralization in the Developing Brain

Terrence Blackburn

Earth and Planetary Sciences

U-series Comminution Dating of Fine-Particle Production in Glaciers, Rivers, Faults and Extraterrestrial Surfaces

Rebecca Covarrubias


Acknowledging the Cultural Strengths of First-Generation Students: Longitudinal Explorations of Familial Interdependence and Hard Independence

Renée Fox


Necromantic Victorians: Reanimation and the Historical Imagination in British and Irish Literature

Alma Heckman

History & Jewish Studies

Radical Roads Not Taken: Moroccan Jewish Trajectories, 1925-1975

Dongwook Lee

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

New High-Order Schemes for Computational Fluid Dynamics using Gaussian Processes

Amy Mihyang Ginther

Theater Arts

No Danger of Winning

Tsim Schneider


Comparative Archaeologies of Native-Lived Colonialism in California

Christopher Vollmers

Biomolecular Engineering

Determining the Diversity of Individual Human B cells using Nanopore Sequencing

2016 Recipients

Mark Amenguala

Languages and Applied Linguistics

Living in two languages: What constitutes “Good Pronunciation” in bilingual speech?

Alexander Ayzner

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Semiconducting Polyelectrolytes as Building Blocks for a Soft Artificial Photosystem

Rajarshi Guhaniyogi

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Hierarchical Bayesian Statistical Modeling of Massive Scale Spatially Referenced Databases

Juhee Lee

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Novel Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Metagenomics with Two Applications

Samantha Matherne


Idealism in Exile: Cassirer and the Warburg Institute

Nick Mitchell

Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Documenting Labor in California Black Studies

Jevgenij Raskatov

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cell Culture Studies of a Novel Chiral Variant of Alzheimer’s Amyloid Beta 1-42 Peptide

Marilou Sison-Mangus

Ocean Sciences

Investigating the chemical cross-talk between the toxin-producing diatom and its associated bacteria

Jennifer Taylor

Film and Digital Media

Redneck Muslim

2015 Recipients

Gerald Casel

Theater Arts

Splinters In Our Ankles – Collective Cultural Amnesia and Performed Resistance in the Tinikling, The Philippine National Dance

Nicolas Davidenko


How experience shapes orientation-dependent visual processing

Jennifer Derr


Agriculture and Public Health in Egypt

Rebecca DuBois

Biomolecular Engineering

Understanding how astrovirus enters human cells

Lars Fehren-Schmitz


Colonial Encounters and Climate Change: Mapping the Evolution of Human Genetic Diversity in the Central Andes throughout the Pre-Columbian Period

Grace Gu


Firm-paid Benefits, Employment, and Monetary Policy

Eric Palkovacs

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

An experimental test for eco-evolutionary feedbacks along a classic evolutionary pathway in threespine stickleback

Juned Shaikh


Spatializing Caste and Class

Maziar Toosarvandani


How do languages vary? Aspect and its interpretation in discourse

2014 Recipients

Eric Aldrich


Filtering Methods for Volatility Estimation

Amy Rose Deal


Studies in Linguistic Diversity: Pronouns and Tense

Marc Matera


Decolonization and the Development of Race Relations

Adam Millard-Ball

Environmental Studies

Urban Sprawl: A Global Analysis

2013 Recipients

Jennifer Horne

Film and Digital Media

Emergent Humanitarian Media, 1917-1936

Sylvanna Falcón

Latin American & Latino Studies

Expanding the Conceptualization of Human Rights by New Constituencies

Tesla Jeltema


Using Observations of Large-Scale Structure in the Universe to Probe Models of Dark Matter and Cosmic Rays

2012 Recipients

Megan Moodie


Genomic research: benefits and drawbacks

Dejan Milutinović

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Motion Capturing System for Real-Time Control of Indoor Robots

Ian Garrick-Bethell

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Lunar Impactors: A Low Cost Robotic Mission to Study Lunar Magnetism and Surface Water

Rita Mehta

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Assessing the potential importance of the California moray in structuring kelp forest communities around Catalina Island

Irene Lusztig

Film and Digital Media

Lessons for Imminent Motherhood

Shannon Gleeson

Latin American & Latino Studies

Rights in Theory, Rights in Practice: Unpacking the Individual and Institutional Elements of Enforcing Worker Rights

Mark Massoud


Law in Conflict: Legal Activism and the Rule of Law in War-afflicted Regions

2011 Recipients

Yiman Wang

Film and Digital Media

Performing Critical Differences – Anna May Wong’s “Yellow Yellowface”

John Jota Leaños

Film and Digital Media

Frontera! Animated Histories of the Southwest Borderlands

Neda Atanasoski

Feminist Studies

Publication preparation for Afterimages of Empire: Race, Freedom, and the U.S. Postsocialist Imaginary; and preparation for National Identity and Islam in Bosnia

Matthew Wagers


Grammatical role assignment in Chamorro language comprehension: Incorporating underrepresented languages in dynamic models of language structure

Dorian Bell


Frontiers of Hate: Anti-Semitism and Empire in Nineteenth-Century France

Christine Hong


Legal Fictions: Afro-Asian Human Rights Cultural Production and the Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim

Kathleen Kay

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Genetics of Reinforcement: Speciation Mechanisms Between Costus pulverulentus and C. scaber

Victoria Auerbuch Stone

Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology

Germ warfare: how Yersinia manipulates its host

Mayanthi Fernando


On the Muslim Question: Anxieties of the French Secular

Aspen Gorry


Learning, Multi-worker Firms, and the Cyclicality of Worker Flows

Eduardo Mosqueda


Linguistic Segregation and Educational Achievement in California’s Public Schools

Hector Perla Jr.

Latin American & Latino Studies

Revolutionary Deterrence: U.S. Coercion & Transnational Resistance by Sandinista Nicaragua

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