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Update: In September 2018, the strategic academic plan information moved to this webpage



Strategic Academic Planning (2017-18)

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Envision: Campuswide Strategic Planning (2013-14)



Communications about the strategic academic plan (SAP) process will be sent to the entire campus every three weeks.


July 18   An academic plan for our future

June 26  A year of strategic academic planning

June 7    ... skipped ...

May 18   Strategic academic planning update: Where we are and where we're heading

May 1    Bullet list update via TuesdayNewsday

Apr. 23   Strategic academic plan update

Apr. 9     Strategic academic plan update: Q&A

Mar. 15   Strategic academic planning update

Mar. 6     Bullet list update via TuesdayNewsday

Feb. 23   Strategic academic planning update 

Feb. 20   Strategic academic planning survey

Feb. 2     Strategic academic planning update

Jan. 23    Bullet list update via TuesdayNewsday

Jan. 12    Strategic academic planning update


Dec. 20   Strategic academic planning update

Dec. 1     Strategic academic planning update

Nov. 30   Strategic academic planning faculty open forum

Nov. 8     Campus launches strategic academic planning process


Working Documents

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Formal Requests for Input and Responses Received (list)

Interview Guides


  • Faculty/Staff Initiated Discussions 
  • 1:1 Interviews
  • SAP Steering Committee and Academic Advisory Committee - meeting list
  • Notes from Group Meetings

Outreach to and with Students (list)




  • Undergraduate Student Survey (PDF) - All undergraduate students were invited to participate 5/15-6/5.
  • Design Principle Survey (PDF) - Attendees (faculty, staff, and students) from March 19-20 Future State Design Workshops were invited to participate 3/27 - 4/3/2018.
  • Assessment Criteria Prioritization Survey (PDF) - Faculty, Staff, and Students were invited to participate 2/19 - 3/7/2018. 
  • Faculty Insight Survey (PDF) - Senate Faculty were invited to participate 12/22/2017 - 1/12/2018.

Themed Academic Working Groups (TAWGs)