Final Report of the Science and Engineering Library Space Planning Advisory Task Force (June 2018)
The Science & Engineering Library (S&E Library) Space Planning Advisory Task Force was established by CP/EVC Marlene Tromp and University Librarian Elizabeth Cowell in fall 2017 to propose use options for space in the S&E Library, including interim to longer-term renovations of the library, that advance collaborative teaching, student success and access in STEM. 

Final Report of the Task Force on Identifying Permanent Prayer/Meditation Space @ UCSC (June 2018)
In April 2018, CP/EVC Marlene Tromp requested that a task force be established to review and make recommendations for establishing a permanent prayer and meditation space at UCSC.

Undergraduate Advising at UC Santa Cruz: an Assessment and Recommendations (Feburary 2018)
In August 2015, then-CP/EVC Alison Galloway created an Advising Task Force to “review and assess UCSC student advising... and recommend steps the campus needs to take over the next three years to accomplish the Task Force’s recommendations”.