CP/EVC Staff Fellows

Former Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Marlene Tromp created the Staff Fellows Program in October 2018.

This new program provides staff with the unique opportunity to work directly with campus administrative leaders and senior staff on special projects and in critical functions, while gaining experience to grow their careers and leadership capacity.

With an opportunity to enhance current skills, provide practical work experience, and foster in-depth knowledge of the campus and different units, the CP/EVC Staff Fellows Program will offer three career professionals an opportunity to work directly with the office or on a priority project for 18 months, beginning in fall 2018.

To encourage staff applicants to the program, the CP/EVC’s Office will develop agreements with unit heads for temporary staff release and provide reasonable accommodations to support the unit for the duration of the fellowship appointment.


  • UCSC staff member (represented or non-represented)
  • Consistent performance appraisal review rating of “Meets expectations” or higher
  • Letter of interest/personal statement
  • Letter of support from supervisor
  • Enthusiasm for taking on new and fast-paced initiatives in support of the CP/EVC’s vision

How to Apply

Interested staff should apply by Oct. 24 via the staff human resources employment portal. In the supplemental materials, please include a letter of interest that addresses the following questions:

  • What are your five-year career goals?
  • How do you envision this opportunity helping you to attain your goals?
  • What is your desired outcome(s) from participating in the program?

A letter of support from your current supervisor is required for all candidates invited to interview.

A review committee will meet with select candidates for a short interview. Finalists will meet with Chief of Staff Linda Rhoads, and Staff Human Resources Learning and Development Manager Adrienne Harrell for a final interview.

Information for Supervisors

Supervisors are encouraged to consider the growth potential for their staff and their careers with UC Santa Cruz. Positions will be “held” in the employee’s department to ensure the original position remains at the end of the 18-month term. These positions can be filled through contract appointments with end dates, temporary staffing, reassignment of work, or other policy-supported mechanisms. The unit maintains the employees FTE/Salary funding to utilize in a way the supports the unit’s operation and cover the temporary loss of the employee.

Staff Human Resources representatives will support supervisors to guide them through the available options.

Questions? Please email staff-fellows@ucsc.edu.


The Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office last year ran a pilot Staff Fellows Program. Here’s some feedback from both the participant and her supervisor:

Statement from Vlasta Sekyra

It was an exhilarating and incredibly rich and powerful learning experience on many levels! I expanded my working knowledge of the campus to more fully appreciate the tremendous efforts of many people working together, on both the academic and staff sides, to create an outstanding educational experience for our students. We are a world-class campus helping to change the world!

But let’s be blunt — I was not prepared for the amount of information flowing into the CP/EVC’s Office on a daily basis! It is an astounding amount of emails, documents, meetings all to be organized, tracked, and prepared for action by the CP/EVC. It is daunting. The pace is certainly intense, and just when you begin to think you are on top of it — something changes or more pours in.

On a day-to-day basis, I learned and honed tremendous organizational and problem-solving skills using technologies and processes giving me new insights and tools. It is exciting to share this knowledge now with my colleagues, in my home department of Housing Services, and adapt these tools to our work.

And finally, I feel privileged to have worked with, and learned from, a professional staff that welcomed me and was patient during my steep learning curve. I aspire to be like them. And let me mention, too, the laughter, camaraderie, and friendships I’ve made. After all, what’s a workplace without some fun?

Statement from Dave Keller

As the home unit supervisor of the inaugural CP/EVC Staff Fellow, I can offer my hearty endorsement of the professional development opportunity it afforded her, and the benefit to our unit that she is able to provide based on her experiences in the CP/EVC’s office. While working there, she developed new networks and personal connections with an array of campus offices, departments and people, and gained valuable insight into the higher level functioning of the university. The sheer volume of issues that flow through the CP/EVC’s Office allowed her to become more familiar with many initiatives, challenges and programs across the campus, and deepened her working knowledge of UCSC. This experience has given her a broader perspective, and upon her return to her home unit, empowered her to offer creative ideas and solutions to issues in our daily work. Providing meaningful professional development opportunities is critically important to supporting and retaining excellent staff members. The EVC Staff Fellows Program provides a wonderful opportunity for interested and qualified staff members to grow in new and exciting ways, and to bring back valuable experience and insight to their home department.