CP/EVC Initiatives and Priorities

Envision UC Santa Cruz - In October 2013, Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Galloway launched a campus-wide collabarate planning process that involved more than 1,200 stakeholders and resulted in six goals. The final plan, as well as current implementation progress and details, are available at envision.ucsc.edu.

5 for 2015 - in May 2011, CP/EVC Galloway announced 5 for 2015, a set of initiatives focused on supporting student success. While the goals for the five initiative were successfully completed by 2015, with some targets exceeded, campus efforts in these key areas are ongoing. The initiatives were:

  1. Increase retention rates for undergraduate students
  2. Enhance academic pathways to allow students to graduate in four years or less
  3. Prepare the campus to achieve Hispanic Serving Institution status (HSI)
  4. Financial stability
  5. Increase non-resident student enrollment

Diversity and Inclusion - Initiatives which support Chancellor Blumenthal's and CP/EVC Galloway's commitment to campus diversity include:

  • Enhancing student access to the CP/EVC:
    • Open office hours in the quarry plaza
    • Student Leadership Consortium
    • Student Service Advisory Group
    • Regular meetings with Student Union Assembly, Student Service Fee Advisory Committee, and the Graduate Student Assembly
  • Promoting the Faculty and Staff Campus Climate Survey and the development of actionable plans to address climate issues

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