CP/EVC Initiatives and Priorities

Strategic Academic Planning

UC Santa Cruz is completing its new Strategic Academic Plan in 2018–19, which identifies three academic priority areas (APAS), provides five design principles, and includes 10 high-priority barriers that need to be reduced to further the campus’s innovative work. The five-year plan includes an implementation guidebook to ensure forward progress toward meeting each goal. Learn more.

Beyond Compliance

Beyond Compliance is an effort to define concrete mechanisms that administrators and faculty can adopt, above and beyond what is required by law or policy, to address sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH) on campus. The iniative was launched by CP/EVC Alison Galloway in 2016 and now continues under CP/EVC Lori Kletzer. Learn more

Fellows Academy

Launched in May 2018, this pilot program is designed to support associate professors in their efforts to move towards promotion to full professor. Learn more.