Our Vision

The University of California (UC), Santa Cruz, is a pre-eminent public research university. Our campus is distinguished by our high-impact research and our commitment to diversity, social justice, the environment, and educational opportunity. Our innovative approach to research and experiential education provides a transformative student experience.

UC Santa Cruz research is recognized broadly for our areas of distinction and research impact. Our research is known for its stellar quality, contributions to core disciplines, and exploration of the intersections of disciplines. Our campus is characterized by the creation of leading research centers with interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance the faculty research community, build strong graduate cohorts, and provide opportunities for undergraduate engagement. Our deliberate academic identity includes world-renowned research clusters and programs that make UC Santa Cruz the destination of choice for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

We are dedicated to student success. Our campus is a safe, supportive, intellectually stimulating environment that facilitates a holistic educational experience for all students, including underrepresented groups. Thriving colleges and a focus on cultural competencies ensure that undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds feel a sense of belonging in an authentic community of learners.

We combine our distinctive model of experiential learning with academic and career preparation to produce workers and scholars who can lead in a globalized era. We prepare graduate students to meet emerging demands as academics and as professionals. Employers and graduate and professional schools compete for our graduates. UC Santa Cruz graduates are proud of their educations and our alumni remain actively engaged.

UC Santa Cruz has a unique story and a distinct reputation for research and educational excellence, with which every member of our community can identify. Our local reputation fosters productive community relationships. Through our partnerships with primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, we close the gap in educational opportunity and outcomes. Through our partnerships with industry and government agencies in and beyond Silicon Valley, we solve critical regional issues and successfully transfer technology to create local and regional businesses.

Our campus operations are integrated with research and teaching throughout campus to facilitate cross-boundary, collaborative work. We optimize operations with a focus on process improvement and appropriate risk management. Our operations make our nationally recognized green campus a model for sustainable practices.

We live what we teach. Our Principles of Community guide our daily interactions on campus and beyond. We embrace all forms of diversity across our community. Our employees know they are valued and feel connected to our mission. Our actions and their outcomes continually demonstrate our dedication to the greater good.