Staff Engagement

Make UC Santa Cruz a Place Where People Enjoy Working: Complete Goal Statement

UC Santa Cruz staff embodies the excellence that is at the core of UC Santa Cruz. Through years of budget cuts, with little reduction in work, our focus has remained on sustaining operations—sometimes at the cost of supporting employee development and engagement. If our institution is to advance, we must support the development and job satisfaction of our workforce. To accomplish this, we will create an environment that reciprocates our staff’s irrepressible passion for our campus, our programs, and all of our community; a place where we can readily recognize the quality and work of all our employees. More than ever, we need Slug spirit to flourish in our work, so we will actively encourage awareness, expect civility, and foster diversity. We will engage our staff to create processes and craft procedures that sustain both our environment and our human capital. We will enhance career paths that support both the development of current staff and recruitment of future talent pools of dedicated public service employees.