Research Infrastructure

Support Research Excellence: Complete Goal Statement

UC Santa Cruz is consistently ranked at the very top in research influence among universities less than 50 years old. We rank first-in-the-world in terms of research impact (citations per paper), tied with MIT.  Despite cutbacks in federal funding, our researchers continue be successful in receiving grants.  Our faculty continue to be heavily involved in community-based research, contributing to the improvement in education, community organization, agriculture, non-profits, and industry.  In the future, we must make significant strides in research publicity, funding, and productivity to increase graduate enrollments, to attract and retain exceptional faculty, and to provide opportunities for undergraduate engagement in research. We will engage in a coordinated, strategic pursuit of high impact undertakings and research funding for our campus, embracing a wide range of potential dimensions: sponsored projects, industry and foundation opportunities, partnership arrangements, entrepreneurial opportunities, and research transfer.