Research Infrastructure

Goal: Support research excellence.

UC Santa Cruz is consistently ranked at the very top in research influence among universities less than 50 years old. Read complete goal statement.

As the projects below are implemented in Spring 2015, pages for each will provide regular updates on project leads, scope, timelines, progress, and metrics.


  • Assess gaps between our research support and our research needs.
  • Institute an office of research development to promote research efforts by faculty and expand extramural funding and partnership opportunities.
  • Improve coordination between researchers and support providers, such as ITS and the Library.
  • Implement tools to streamline grant processes and strengthen capacity to support larger awards.
  • Use metrics to continuously improve our research capabilities and support.


  • World class faculty and an excellent track record in recruiting new faculty with the potential for high impact research.
  • Extremely high quality research.
  • Leadership in national and international research consortiums and projects.
  • Strong research enterprise, including multi-PI contracts.
  • Clever, creative, and enthusiastic students.


  • Underinvestment in research infrastructure relative to other UC campuses.
  • Lack of infrastructure to facilitate the larger collaborative grant proposals, not only among campus faculties but also between UC Santa Cruz and other institutions.
  • Need for greater clarity of expectations within the faculty advancement process for research and other creative activity.