Identity and Reputation

Goal: Tell the world our story. 

UC Santa Cruz faculty researchers are among the most influential in the world. Our liberal arts public education in the context of a major research university attracts a student body with vast diversity and intellectual power. Read complete goal statement.

As the projects below are implemented in Spring 2015, pages for each will provide regular updates on project leads, scope, timelines, progress, and metrics.


  • Articulate the UC Santa Cruz identity and consistently promote campus successes to reinforce it.
  • Reinvigorate internal and external communications staffing and organization by:
    • Developing a strategic plan for communications, involving stakeholders throughout campus;
    • Creating a database of faculty expertise for consultation on regional, national, and global stories and use it to place the UC Santa Cruz perspective on the global front.
  • Invest in dynamic internal and external marketing and communications so that UC Santa Cruz becomes more widely known and included in national and global discussions.


  • Our 50th anniversary and the comprehensive campaign provide an immediate call to action.
  • We recognize our impact for the greater good, and we are ready to own a reputation that reflects that.
  • Enthusiasm—the campus community, our stakeholders, and our partners want to be involved.
  • Growing international prominence and connections.


  • Lingering historical artifacts that affect our image
  • Old ways of thinking and doing things, such as demand for consensus
  • Expectations for immediate results