Balanced Operations

Goal: Address workload burden.

Campus processes are often designed to limit institutional liability while simultaneously accomplishing their designated purpose. We rely on our exceptional workforce to build and maintain the knowledge of how to navigate the complex policies and procedures. Read complete goal statement.

As the projects below are implemented in Spring 2015, pages for each will provide regular updates on project leads, scope, timelines, progress, and metrics.


  • Identify processes that strain workload within units and across the campus, especially those that have a broad or extended impact.
  • Create incentives for process improvement and simplification.
  • Develop a communication structure to share successes and lessons learned.


  • General agreement that our processes need to be simplified and an accompanying willingness to change.
  • Employees capable of collaborating and creating solutions, who are driven to be effective and efficient, and who want to do work that matters, makes a difference, and adds value.
  • Content expertise exists throughout the campus.


  • Lack of clarity around practice versus policy versus good policy; interpretations and controls vary.
  • Differing management styles, approaches, and values that create a potential for change management issues.
  • Lack of tools necessary to systematize workflows and approvals.
  • Lack of a communication infrastructure.
  • UC systemwide initiatives compete for resources and time.