Academic Planning

Goal: Allocate faculty resources strategically.

UC Santa Cruz has built strengths through its faculty and their commitment to our students and to the excellence of their research.  Read complete goal statement.

As the projects below are implemented in Spring 2015, pages for each will provide regular updates on project leads, scope, timelines, progress, and metrics.


  • Develop a multi-year, collaborative, transparent process for allocating resources to advance campus academic goals and aspirations.
  • Promote coordinated inter-departmental and cross-divisional planning to maximize impact of faculty hires.
  • Implement a process for establishing priorities (research focus, curricular needs, graduate growth, etc), reflecting input from deans and faculty.
  • Encourage an emphasis on diversity in many forms for faculty hiring, promotion, and retention.
  • Develop a strategy for “steady state” faculty numbers.


  • Successful implementation of strategic resource allocation processes at other UC campuses can provide models.
  • An existing culture of cross-divisional collaboration and innovation.
  • Experiences with the Senate’s Faculty Initiated Group Hire (FIGH) process and cluster hires.


  • Potential pushback based on shifts in perceived power and beliefs about how resource allocation should occur.
  • Organizational lack of discipline – accustomed to reacting with a focus on the operational at the expense of the strategic.