Planning Task Force

The Planning Task Force included 55 individuals from across campus, and was comprised of 55% faculty representing more than 20 academic divisions, 27% staff representing 10 units, and 23% administrative and academic leadership.

First Last Name Title Department Division Email
Peggy Delaney Vice Chancellor Planning and Budget

Planning and Budget
Lynn Westerkamp Professor History Humanities
Pranav Anand Associate Professor Linguistics Humanities
Mark Anderson Associate Professor Anthropology Social Sciences
Linda Beaston Special Assistant Chancellor's Office/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC
Doug Bonett Professor and Director of the Center for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences Psychology Social Sciences
Scott Brandt Vice Chancellor Office of Research Office of Research
Keith Brant Vice Chancellor University Relations University Relations
George Bunch Associate Professor Education Social Sciences
Patrick Chuang Associate Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences Physical and Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Cowell University Librarian (Interim) University Library University Library
Samit Dasgupta Assistant Professor Mathematics Physical and Biological Sciences
Mary Doyle Vice Chancellor Information Technology Services (ITS) ITS
Bill Dunbar Associate Professor Computer Engineering Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Karen Eckert Associate Vice Chancellor Planning and Budget Planning and Budget
Maria Evangelatou Assistant Professor History, Arts, Visual Culture Arts
Julian Fernald Director Institutional Research and Policy Studies Planning and Budget
Cormac Flanagan Professor Computer Science Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Jeannie Fox Tree Professor Psychology Social Sciences
Patty Gallagher Professor Theater Arts Arts
Susan Gillman Professor Literature Humanities
Miriam Greenberg Associate Professor Sociology Social Sciences
Kirsten Gruesz Professor Literature Humanities
Karlton Hester Professor and Director, Jazz Studies Music Arts
Richard Hughey Vice Provost and Dean Undergraduate Education Undergraduate Education
Kate Jones Assistant Professor History Humanities
Sean Keilen Associate Professor Literature Humanities
Paul Koch Dean Earth and Planetary Sciences Physical and Biological Sciences
Joe Konopelski Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry Physical and Biological Sciences
Raphe Kudela Professor Ocean Sciences Physical and Biological Sciences
Tracy Larrabee Professor Computer Engineering Department Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Walter Branson Interim Vice Chancellor Division of Finance, Operations and Administration FOA
Kim Van Le Data/Budget Analyst and Affirmative Action Specialist Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chancellor's Office/EVC

Herbie Lee Vice Provost, Academic Affairs Chancellor's Office/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC
Kirk Lew Assistant Vice Chancellor Financial Affairs FOA
Boreth Ly Assistant Professor Porter College Arts
Sheree Marlowe Assistant Campus Diversity Officer Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chancellor's Office/EVC
Matthew Mednick Committee Analyst Academic Senate Academic Senate
Tyrus Miller Vice Provost and Dean Graduate Studies Graduate Studies
Nader Oweis Chief of Police Police FOA
Eleonora Pasotti Associate Professor Politics Social Sciences
Lacey Raak Sustainability Director Physical Planning and Construction FOA
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz Professor Astronomy and Astrophysics Physical and Biological Sciences
Steven Ritz Professor Physics Physical and Biological Sciences
Janine Roeth Director Client Services and Security ITS
Danilyn Rutherford Professor and Chair Anthropology Social Sciences
Holger Schmidt Professor Electrical Engineering Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Deanna Shemek Professor Literature Humanities
Tedd Siegel Assistant Vice Provost Silicon Valley Initaites Office of Reserach
Alma Sifuentes Dean of Students Campus Life Campus Life
Shelley Stamp Professor Film & Digital Media Arts
Sarah Woodside Associate College Administrative Officer Colleges 9 and 10 FOA
David Yager Dean Porter College Arts
Mike Yamauchi-Gleason College Administrative Officer Porter and Kresge Colleges FOA
Pat Zavella Professor Latin American and Latino Studies Social Sciences
Andrea Cohen Special Projects Coordinator CP/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC
Galen Jarvinen Special Assistant Planning and Budget Planning and Budget
Linda Rhoads Special Projects Manager Chancellor's Office/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC
George Blumenthal Chancellor Chancellor's Office Chancellor's Office
Alison Galloway Campus Provost/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC Chancellor's Office/EVC


BAS = Business and Administrative Services

CP = Campus Provost

EVC = Executive Vice Chancellor

ITS = Information Technology Services