Finalizing the Strategic Plan

The 16 goals developed at the May Goals Conference were presented to the Chancellor Blumenthal and Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Galloway. They evaluated the goals with the following criteria:

Distinction – The goal is not easily subsumed by another goal.

Potential – The goal has significant, viable outcomes in three to five years.

Breadth – The goal requires campus-level actions and resources.

Six goals rose to the top and were selected for implementation:

Following the announcement of the selected goals, the Administrative Leadership Team (ALT) refined the goals, with attention to stakeholder input and questions raised at the Goals Conference, and developed specific objectives. Those final goals and objectives were vetted one last time with campus leadership, including the Academic Senate, Deans, ALT, and Planning Task Force. The EVC reviewed all feedback, and the finalized goals and objectives (projects) are now the campus-wide strategic plan.

This final stage of developing the strategic plan was rigorous and painstaking, to ensure that the goals and objectives were high-reaching, strategic, and realistic; all campus leadership had a final opportunity to provide feedback; and the plan was true to stakeholder input.

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