Draft Shared Vision of Preferred Future

This draft vision was presented for all stakeholders to review and provide feedback. Review the feedback in the PDF of the survey results.

Shared Vision of Preferred Future: UC Santa Cruz in Five Years 

The University of California (UC), Santa Cruz, is a pre-eminent research university distinguished by its commitment to distinctive educational opportunities, social justice, diversity, and the environment. Our campus is a living laboratory; we have an innovative and integrated approach to research and education.

UC Santa Cruz research is known for its contributions to core disciplines and its exploration and definition of the edges and intersections of disciplines. Our campus is characterized by the creation and evolution of leading research centers and institutes with interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance the faculty research community, build strong graduate cohorts, and prepare graduate students as they become the next generation of transformative scholars.

UC Santa Cruz is a destination of choice for undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. Our campus is a safe, supportive, intellectually stimulating environment that facilitates a holistic student experience. Thriving colleges and a focus on cultural competencies link students of diverse backgrounds to faculty, staff, fellow students, and the community. We train graduate students to meet emerging demands across diverse industries. Our distinctive model of experiential learning combined with academic and career preparation produces workers, scholars and leaders for a globalized era.  Employers and graduate and professional schools compete for our graduates.

We pride ourselves on robust internal and external communications with a coordinated approach and clear policies. We have achieved regional, national, and international recognition with a well-articulated identity based on ground-breaking research and educational excellence. Our alumni remain actively engaged and sustain our legacy. We are viewed as an asset by surrounding communities having active partnerships with the local and regional community and economy, with industry, and with primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. Through these partnerships, we close the education gap, solve critical regional issues, and successfully transfer technology to create local and regional businesses.

Our research, teaching, and community efforts are integrated throughout campus. Operations are efficient, with a focus on simplification and appropriate risk management. They facilitate cross-boundary, collaborative work. Our nationally recognized green campus is a model for sustainable practices.

Our Principles of Community guide our daily interactions with all members of the UC Santa Cruz community, on campus and beyond. UC Santa Cruz is the premier regional employer and a national academic destination of choice. Our employees know they are valuable members of a larger community whose work makes an impact. Our students feel like they are part of an authentic community of learners, and our alumni are proud of their educations and the institution.