Envision UC Santa Cruz


Envision UC Santa Cruz is our campus-wide plan for the future and the paths we will take to get there.

A report from March 2017 summarizes the many accomplishments made in key target areas since the strategic planning process began in the 2013–14 academic year. It also discusses the goals we continue to pursue and the many ways the campus community is engaging its
collective talents to address those goals.

This website provides details on the goals, including action plans and progress, and background on the collaborative planning process. 

Our Vision

UC Santa Cruz is a world-class research university with an extraordinary commitment to society and the success of our students. Our research propels human knowledge, understanding, and creativity forward through a shared spirit of innovation and discovery. Our students join in this experience through our outstanding academic programs, broad student research opportunities, and varied extracurricular activities. An uncommon dedication to diversity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship pervades all that we do. Read the complete vision statement.

Our Goals

Allocate faculty resources strategically.

Support research excellence.   

Advance student success

Make UC Santa Cruz a place where people enjoy working

Tell the world our story

Address workload burden