Update: In September 2018, the strategic academic plan information moved to this webpage https://sap.ucsc.edu/.


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Questions on any aspects of our process should be directed to academicplan@ucsc.edu. 


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 updated, 6/11/2018


During the Future State Design part of phase 2, we held in-person workshops and town halls in the colleges, divisions, and with key constituent groups.

Divisions and Departments were strongly encouraged to engage in their own strategic academic planning conversations. Useful questions to consider include:

  • Where would we like to see our academic programs in 10 years?
  • What can we do to better support faculty research?
  • How can we draw more students into our labs, studios, and stages?
  • What are the relevant models for what we wish to become?
  • How can we can grow our resources?
  • What are the structural barriers on campus that hinder our research and teaching?
  • Have we taken advantage of the resources in other departments and divisions in formulating our academic plan?
  • What are those things that we’re doing because we have always done them that may no longer support student learning?
  • How are we adapting to serve UC Santa Cruz’s changing student demographic?

In the meantime, we welcome your input and questions via an online forum or your feedback via the suggestion form below or by emailing us at academicplan@ucsc.edu.

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