Update: In September 2018, the strategic academic plan information moved to this webpage https://sap.ucsc.edu/.


In November 2017, UC Santa Cruz launched the development of a strategic academic plan. The year-long process will involve interviews and discussions with faculty, students and staff, and ultimately will help us to articulate our strengths and identify opportunities for the university to grow its impact.

Building upon the things that make us unique — pathbreaking programs, powerhouse faculty, continually pushing at the boundaries of conventional research — will improve our ability to recruit faculty and students, capture funding, and find those who want to invest in our future. Wide campus involvement in the process is vital to making the plan reflective of the true depth and innovation of UC Santa Cruz.

A consultant group, Entangled Solutions, will guide us through this process, helping us pinpoint our strengths, then aiding us as we develop a concrete action plan that charts our course over the next five years. We aim to draft the plan during the 2017-18 academic year, then launch it the following year.

Process goals

The strategic academic planning process will create a plan that:

  • Sets clear, achievable academic priorities for the campus
  • Builds on and enhances pre-existing campus strengths
  • Develops a road map for heightening our national and international impact
  • Imagines how UC Santa Cruz can shape the national and international conversation not only in our fields of study, but on higher education as a whole
  • Outlines new means of generating resources
  • Identifies internal structural barriers to change
  • Results in a clear and actionable implementation plan to guide the campus’s academic development over the next five years

For more information email academicplan@ucsc.edu or leave us a suggestion.